Saddlebrook Atrium

Artist: BCDM
Construction: stone, glass
Location: Saddlebrook Branch
Installed: 2009

The Saddlebrook Joint-Use Facility is a collaboration between Omaha Public Library and City of Omaha Parks and Recreation Department to create a community-based, public-use facility that embodies the philosophy of life-long learning and fitness.

Much time was spent gathering input from community members with surveys and public meetings before the design process began. This community-based design process was meant to insure reflection of their unique insight and needs. The resulting project is a true partner for the adjoining neighborhood and park.

Many benefits of joint use are tied to the economics of shared space and resources, but extend far beyond. This one-top facility allows for greater efficiency in time and travel; it is convenient for a parent to visit the community center after dropping a child off at school or for a family to visit the library before an afternoon at the community center.

Saddlebrook teaches students and visitors in the best way possible, by example. It is a working lab of environmental sustainability. A partial green roof and rain gardens filter unnatural debris from rainwater, reducing the content and delaying its entry into the adjacent natural resources. Students and visitors can observe these elements in action with monitoring systems in the library and community center, educating on the impact of sustainable design.

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