Open Book Mural
Reading Garden

Open Book Mural

Open Book Mural Image

Artist: Richard Weigmann
Construction: Painted Mural
Location: Millard Branch
Installed 1999

Millard Branch's dedication to art continues inside the building!
Seward, Nebraska native Richard Weigmann painted a four panel mural near the entrance to the meeting rooms.

"The Earth Is an Open Book" depicts a progression of the natural world from underground caves and volcanic formations up to the earth and sky.

Mr. Weigmann is an Art Professor at Concordia University in Seward, Nebraska.

(L. Sullivan, September 2005)

Reading Garden

Reading Garden Image

Construction: Wood and bronze
Dimensions: 10' high x 18' feet in diameter
Artist: Catherine Ferguson
Location: Millard Branch
Installed: 1999

Enter a different realm when stepping into Catherine Ferguson's "Reading Garden." The wood and bronze five-part sculpture blends abstractions of plants and animals into seating of various sizes and heights.

Ms. Ferguson spent the last decade exploring how the manipulation of physical space changes our psychology. She calls it the "Psychology of Space." Once the visitor enters that space everything seen, felt or heard becomes art.
"Reading Garden" was the winner of a 1997 competition sponsored by the Omaha Public Library Board of Trustees and the City of Omaha Public arts Commission.

The outdoor sculpture is designed for story times and musical performances.

Catherine Ferguson's sculpture was created at the Les Bruning Studio & Foundry in Omaha. Kenneth J. Backman designed the plaza's landscape.

(L. Sullivan, September 2005)