Toy Library contributes to learning for library family

OPL received this letter from an Omaha mom who wanted to share how her family was impacted by OPL's Toy Library. The Toy Library launched in June 2016 and offers more than 200 different types of toys. Patrons will find everything from American Girl dolls to board games, building blocks, musical instruments and more! Items can be requested to be sent to any location, and are subject to similar lending terms as checking out a book. Learn more about the Toy Library here. The Toy Library is made possible through funding provided by private donations to the Omaha Public Library Foundation

Late this past spring, I had a conversation with Nancy Chmiel, the Youth Services Librarian at the Swanson Branch. I told her how much the toy library means to our family. It may mean more to us than most families because we have a child with some learning needs. He is 10 years old and doesn't problem solve like most children. Skills that most kids just pick up on easily, like learning to play a board game, for example, don't come easily for him. It's something that must be taught. Because we homeschool our children, we can easily incorporate many of the board games or building toys into our school days.  

The toy library at OPL has allowed our family to challenge our son regularly. The toys and games that OPL offers have been an invaluable resource for our family. And, because you offer such a broad selection, we are able to constantly change things up, which has been perfect for his personal growth. It has been wonderful to see him grow and adapt and learn through some of the tools in the toy library. We have been avid users of the toy library for well over two years. I am so glad we found you! 

I hope that this wonderful program will be around for a long time. It's been wonderful not only for our son that I referenced above, but also for our other young children. Our daughter loves the American Girl dolls and the baby dolls. And, our 5-year-old son adores the Super Hero dolls. And, don't tell, but our teens love the Perplexus balls.  

It is obvious that great thought has been put into this library. In my opinion, it's one of the best kept secrets about OPL!