Staff Spotlight: Lynn Sullivan

This year, Library Specialist Lynn Sullivan will celebrate 40 years of service at OPL. After 40 years, many people would be thinking about retirement, but not Sullivan.

“As long as I am active and mobile, I’d like to keep working,” said Sullivan.

To anyone who knows Sullivan, her commitment to her work comes as no surprise.

“Since I’ve known her, Lynn has been our Energizer Bunny!” said Genealogy & Local History Librarian Martha Grenzeback. “No one is more energetic and project-oriented than she is!”

Sullivan started working at Benson Branch as a library specialist in 1983. In 1988, she moved to W. Dale Clark Main Library to help with reference work, and continued to work there until the building’s closure in August 2022. She spent some time working at the downtown Interim Branch, prior to moving to the Genealogy & Local History Room at the Library Administrative Building.

Sullivan said that she never expected when she started working for OPL that she would necessarily be here 40 years later, but felt the job was a good fit for her education and skill set. Sullivan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a history minor from College of Saint Mary. She feels that the position has evolved over the years and plays to her strengths. She considers herself “lucky” that this is the only job she’s ever had.

She likes her work, and shared that she appreciates the feeling of community that comes with working in a library. “I enjoy visiting with patrons and learning about their interests and what they like to read,” said Sullivan. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the little things are what you’ll be remembered for and what can make a change in someone’s life. Smiles matter.”

“Lynn has always been friendly, welcoming, and social with all of our patrons,” said Downtown Branch Manager Natalie Struecker. “She has a wealth of knowledge about the library and the city, and knows our collection inside and out. She’s always willing to jump in on a project or a problem and help!”

Congratulations to Sullivan on 40 years of service at OPL, and cheers to many more!