Resolve to use OPL more in 2023

When making New Year’s resolutions for 2023, don’t forget about OPL! There are so many resources at the library that can help you make good on some of your goals. Here are a few examples of how OPL can help to make 2023 your best year yet!

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Reading is proven to make people happier, less stressed and more empathetic, among other benefits, so it comes as no surprise that people want to spend more time with a good book, opens a new window. Push yourself out of your reading comfort zone by participating in the 2023 Reading Challenge, opens a new window, or get a group of readers together and start your own book club, opens a new window with OPL’s book club bags, opens a new window!

Get organized
Find tips and tricks for decluttering and cleaning using books about organizing, opens a new window in OPL’s collection. If a calendar would help you organize your schedule, pick up a 2023 Early Literacy Calendar at your local branch or request one at your next curbside pickup.

Learn new skills
OPL’s online resource center, opens a new window is full of valuable tools to help you learn skills ranging from new languages to family history. Register for a free six-week online class from Gale Courses, opens a new window. New sessions begin January 18, February 15 and March 15. There are also plenty of books, opens a new window that can help you to learn something new.

Eat healthier
OPL offers a variety of books, opens a new window about healthy eating, as well as cookbooks filled with delicious and nutritious meals that can help you to improve your eating habits. You can also sign up for the “Certificate in Food, Nutrition, and Health, opens a new window” class through Gale Courses to help gain a holistic view on food and nutrition.

Save more and spend less
If you haven’t done so already, there’s no time like the present to evaluate your finances and make proactive changes! Focus on your finances by taking in some books on saving money, opens a new window or enroll in one of the personal finance classes on Gale Courses. Utilize OPL’s collection and online resources to save even more. There are some stories, movies and subscriptions that people want to own, but for all the rest, OPL is best!

Take a vacation
Is the new year inspiring you to finally start checking more destinations off your travel bucket list? Check out these great titles, opens a new window for some travel inspiration!

Slow down and simplify
Do you find yourself exhausted after the holiday season? Get off that hamster wheel of crazy busyness, crumple your constant to-do list and stop to take in the moment... after reading these helpful titles, opens a new window, of course!

Whatever 2023 has in store, there are endless ways that OPL can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals. Don’t forget—staff are available to answer questions via AskOPL online chat, opens a new window or over the phone at (402) 444-4800. If you have favorite ways of utilizing your local library, feel free to share a photo or post and tag @OmahaLibrary on Facebook, opens a new window, Twitter, opens a new window, or Instagram, opens a new window.