Partner Spotlight: KIOS

Omaha Public Library with Omaha Public Radio? A new way to connect listeners to OPL’s books, resources, events and more! “Off The Shelf” is OPL’s weekly segment on local NPR member station KIOS. The segment focuses on new and/or noteworthy books, resources, events and more at the library, and has been airing weekly since early 2023. KIOS’s 

David Koesters serves as the host, reporter, and producer of the segment. For him, combining OPL with Omaha Public Radio was an obvious choice.

“We strive to uphold the “public” by amplifying voices that also serve our community. And when it comes to service
for the public good, it is hard to quantify the importance of a strong public library
system,” says Koesters.

“Off The Shelf ‘’ allows library staff from across the system the chance to promote some of their most favorite things from OPL. This can include book talks that entice a reader to pick a particular title, or talking about a hidden gem of a free
resource you can access with a library card or promoting OPL events that combine 

entertainment with literacy.

“This partnership has been a great way to
fulfill OPL’s mission of connecting people with ideas, information and innovative
services,” says OPL Outreach and Partnerships Manager Maggie Petersen. “Working with KIOS has been an excellent experience in readers’ advisory for our
staff, as well as the fun of getting to work with the staff at KIOS who are passionate about our local community.”

Looking to the future, Koesters hopes the impact is seen not just in the airways, but also at the local library branches. “We hope to share all the wonderful things the library has to 

offer,” says Koesters. “It goes so far beyond just books. We want to inspire people to get reacquainted with this crucial service and unlock the potential of their public library card.”