In Memory: Lori Monjarez-Hill

In memory of Lori Monjarez-Hill, January 28, 1961 – February 14, 2021

“You always knew when Lori was getting to work in the morning because you could hear her singing down the hall,” said Linda Miles, facilities manager at OPL. “She was always in a good mood – always looking on the bright side.”

OPL Facilities Supervisor Lori Monjarez-Hill passed away on February 14, and her music and merriment will be missed by all who worked with her.

Monjarez-Hill joined the OPL team in 2015, after having worked previously with the City of Omaha in another department. She worked behind the scenes on facilities contracts with vendors who provide cleaning, security, landscaping and more for OPL. She also did a lot of day-to-day work making sure OPL staff had the appropriate access to buildings. Her commitment to her work was something that resonated with her colleagues.

“When I think of Lori, her strength and confidence come to mind,” said OPL Learning & Statistics Registration Coordinator Barbra Rempe. While helping with some Facilities Department duties, Rempe learned that Monjarez-Hill chose to keep working, though eligible for early retirement. “That showed me her ongoing dedication to OPL.”

Monjarez-Hill helped to ensure that OPL’s spaces were cared for and maintained, but her kind spirit and determination made her the kind of person that people wanted to be around.

“I will miss working with Lori. She was so kind and patient, yet willing to tackle challenges whenever they arose. I loved how she was able to stand firm for what the library needed and get concerns addressed and corrected quickly. I will miss her great sense of humor, laugh, and compassion for finding the bright moment in every situation,” said OPL Assistant Director Rachel Steiner.

“She was just a great person who was always there with a smile and a willingness to listen or talk,” said Miles. “She became a very good friend over the past few years of working with her, and I will miss her greatly.”