Guest Post: Coming Out of One’s Shell

I started taking Addy to storytime because I was so worried about her going to preschool. She’s always just gone to grandma’s house for childcare, so she’s never had much exposure to groups of kids. She literally wouldn’t leave my lap when we started going. Miss Justine would offer her stickers, and she’d accept, but not say anything. Slowly, she started getting up to dance with me, and now she runs to the front row. She draws pictures for Miss Justine and looks [makes eye contact] and says thank you. Last week, she started preschool and she loves it There were no tears, she ran off to play, and she loves it. I can’t thank Justine enough for being such a great role model and helping our Addy blossom into a social butterfly. Justine got the first high five Addy had ever given anyone outside our family and she earned it.

Guest post written by Jenny Kittrell