Assistive Services

Assistive Services improve or promote the person’s health, independence, and integration in the community. Assistive services at OPL include:

Homebound Program, opens a new window

OPL’s Homebound program allows patrons to order books over the phone and have them delivered and returned free of charge.

Large Print Books

Many books in OPL's collection are offered in a large print format that's easy on the eyes.

Nebraska Relay Service, opens a new window

Nebraska Relay offers free services that provide full telephone access to people with hearing loss or speech disability. Dial 7-1-1 for TTY.

Radio Talking Book Service, opens a new window

Radio Talking Book Service is a radio reading service for the blind, visually impaired and elderly in Nebraska and southwest Iowa.

Talking Book & Braille Service, opens a new window

Talking Book and Braille Service (TBBS) provides free audiobooks, audio magazines and braille through the mail or through digital download.

Video Recordings for Hearing Impaired

OPL offers a large selection of DVDs that have subtitles that can be seen with a closed-captioned decoder or with a built-in decoder on newer televisions. Most feature DVDs come with optional subtitles as well.

Video Recordings for People with Visual Disabilities

Check out these films with special narration which describes the action, characters, costumes, locations and sets to a viewer with visual disabilities without interfering with the movie's dialogue or sound effects.

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