Application, Interview & Hiring

Once the City of Omaha Human Resources department posts a job on its employment website, candidates may apply for the position. Positions are also posted in public areas at all OPL locations.

To apply, follow instructions on application by the application deadline. All applications are reviewed by a City recruiter to ensure that applicants meet the minimum qualifications of the job posting. Minimum qualifications are listed within each job posting.

If the applicant meets the minimum qualifications for the position, an employment test may be scheduled. Tests used vary depending on the position. Learn about specific tests here

Tests are used to assess job-related knowledge, skills and abilities of an applicant for a particular position, and evaluate the experience and knowledge of the candidates. Each test has a minimum score that must be achieved in order to be considered for a position. Candidates are ranked according to their test score. 

An eligibility list is created based on each candidate’s score. All applicants are notified of their score, and if applicable, their ranking on the list.Once the eligibility list is created, it remains valid for one year. In some cases, the list may be extended. 

The library receives a list of the top five ranked candidates for each positiont. It is not necessary in every instance to score in the top five to receive an interview. As candidates decline interviews or accept other jobs within the city, names can move higher on the list. However, scoring among the top five maximizes a candidates chances of receiving an interview. After the interview process is complete, the interview panel will select a candidate and extend a conditional offer of employment. A person's rank on the list does not factor in to the decision once they have reached the interview phase of the process. 

All City employees are required to complete the following: drug test, criminal history check, and credit check. Some City positions may require further pre-employment testing before the hiring process is complete. 

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