Test Proctoring

Any Omaha Public Library location will proctor tests, but cannot guarantee constant supervision or a quiet environment. Prior arrangements may be made in person or by telephone. No “drop-in” test proctoring is available.

Test Proctoring Fees

  • $10 for Omaha Public Library cardholders in good standing (no fines/fees owed in excess of $10)
  • $25 for all other applicants

Test Proctoring Requirements

  • The Library will meet the testing institution’s requirements wherever possible. Direct in-room supervision will not be provided.
  • Tests can be received through U.S. mail, email, fax or other delivery services.
  • Tests can only be returned via U.S. mail or fax.
    Accommodations cannot be made for special handling requirements for returning tests.
    • Student must provide a prepaid envelope addressed to the student’s institution. When available, the Library can fax completed tests for a fee of $1 per page. Fax machines are available at all Library locations.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that the Library received the test and that the
    institution receives the returned test upon completion. The Library will not keep copies of
    test materials.
  • Library cannot proctor online exams that require the installation of special software or
    the modification of existing computer settings.
  • Library staff will read and follow all instructions for administering the exam.
  • Testing may be cancelled or postponed if the testing materials are not received in time, require clarification, incur any expense, or otherwise exceed our ability to comply with the testing institution’s requirements.
  • Please arrive for testing as scheduled. Bring your own supplies.
  • Notify the Library if you cannot keep your scheduled appointment.