Research Your House History

Researching the history of a building requires the whole panoply of genealogical research skills and then some!

Key resources:

  • Building permits

Normally kept in the city planning department. Unfortunately for Omaha researchers, some years ago the city's chief building inspector made the decision to throw all those records out--records spanning more than 100 years, from the 1880s to the 2000s. Permits for the Dundee neighborhood were the only ones to survive.

Originals held at the Genealogy & Local History Room. Water permits can often substitute for building permits as an indication of when a house was constructed since a connection to the water supply was usually arranged soon after the house was built. Online index (in progress) includes date, address, and homeowner.

  • City directories (available at the Genealogy & Local History Room)
    • Omaha city directories, 1866-current
    • Bellevue/Sarpy County city directories (1963-89; 1991-2007; 2009-current)
    • Council Bluffs city directories (1933-35; 1940; 1945-46; 1954-55; 1957-59; 1961-89; 1991-2009; 2011; 2013-current)
    • Fremont city directories (1957; 1960-61; 1963-66; 1968-70; 1972-73; 1975; 1977-80; 1982-83; 1985; 1987; 1989-91; 1993)
    • Lincoln city directories (1932; 1935; 1941; 1953; 1955-56; 1958-71; 1973-75; 1977-83; 1985-2004; 2007-current)
    • Nebraska City directories (1926-27; 1977-78; 1980; 1986; 1988-89; 1992-94)
  • County, city, and neighborhood histories and clipping files, available in Nebraska Reference Collection, Genealogy & Local History Room
  • Historic Omaha buildings 
  • Maps and atlases
  • Digital Map Collection
  • Fire Insurance Maps Online (FIMo), opens a new window
  • Newspapers
  • Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Omaha World-Herald Digital Archives (1878-1983), opens a new window
    • Search for an address to find sales information, building news, permit records, and more. Access from home with a library card.
  • Daily Record (Jan. 12, 1954 – Dec. 31, 2015; unindexed). Available at the Genealogy & Local History Room.
    • Paper of record for Douglas County: building permits and other legal notices.
  • Other newspapers on microfilm (unindexed). Available at the Genealogy & Local History Room.

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