Unattended Children Policy


OPL welcomes supervised children in OPL facilities. Parents, guardians, or assigned chaperones are responsible for properly attending to children in their care and ensuring the safety and appropriate behavior of their children while using OPL facilities.


As used in this policy, “children” or “child” shall mean a person under the age of 11.


Children must not be left unattended in or on OPL premises. The responsible party must remain within sight of the child. If a child is attending an OPL sponsored event, the responsible party must remain in the building.


OPL and security personnel shall have responsibility for enforcing this policy. Parents, a responsible party, or the appropriate authorities may be contacted if any child is left unattended in or on OPL premises.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
of the Omaha Public Library August 19, 2008
Re-approved July 18, 2019

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