Meeting Room Policy for Saddlebrook Library, Recreation Center, and School


The meeting room at this facility may be reserved by these three entities occupying the joint-use facility: Omaha Public Library, Omaha Parks and Recreation Community Center, and Omaha Public School’s Saddlebrook Elementary School, hereinafter referred to as the “entities”.


The entities make every effort to offer and provide free events and/or meeting space to all ages of the public, but reserve the right to charge a fee.

There is sometimes a set fee for outside private groups/organizations to utilize the meeting room. The fee is calculated on an hour or half-hour basis hourly basis which will include set-up and take-down time for that space. Any fees charged are dependent on the purpose of the gathering and the entity taking and approving the application.

The meeting room may not be used in a manner that allows for consumption of alcohol, flame/lighted candles, or excessive noise.

The meeting room must be cleaned up after use and put back in the standard configuration that is posted. Failure to return the meeting room to its original set-up may result in a fee. Any special set-up arrangements shall be the responsibility of the group using the meeting room.

All users of the meeting room agree to adhere to the posted Fire Code capacity as directed by the Fire Marshal.

Advance reservations of the meeting room are required.

If the meeting room is being used for an event outside of OPL’s hours, access into the OPL facility is prohibited at any time.

It is expected that everyone using the meeting room will follow each entity’s code of conduct, rules, and policies.

In the event of inclement weather or an emergency requiring the use of the facility for a City of Omaha event, the entities reserve the right to cancel or postpone the use of the meeting room. Every effort will be made to reschedule the use of the meeting room for a mutually satisfactory time.

Use by outside groups does not constitute an endorsement by any of the entities.


All personnel at these entities have responsibility for enforcing this policy.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
of the Omaha Public Library June 15, 2011
Re-approved July 18, 2019

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