Library Card Policy

This policy is to clarify who may obtain or renew a library card at OPL and the items potential card holds need to present upon obtaining or renewing their library card.


OPL provides library services to residents and property owners of Douglas County who are eligible to receive an OPL library card free of charge. An OPL library card entitles the cardholder to borrow any circulating materials and provides off-site access to online resources

Library Card Qualification

Free library privileges are available to:

  • Anyone who resides in Douglas County
  • Anyone who owns property in Douglas County
  • Any business or school located within Douglas County
  • Active military personnel
  • Any student age 5 through 18
  • Current Metro Community College students
  • Lincoln City Libraries cardholders

(City of Omaha residents by virtue of Chapter 14, Omaha Municipal Code; Douglas County residents by virtue of Interlocal Cooperative Agreement--City of Omaha/Omaha Library Board/Douglas County, approved March, 1997; Lincoln City Libraries, approved April, 21, 1990)

For privileges to checkout physical materials, the patron must be present and provide photo identification and proof of Douglas County (not just Omaha, NE) residence or property owned. Active military personnel must provide active military identification. A parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18 must provide evidence of a valid address (unless the child has their own proof of address). Businesses and schools must provide an official written request from the business owner or school principal.

Lost or Stolen Library Cards

To prevent unauthorized use or access, lost or stolen library cards must be reported immediately in person or by telephone. Patrons are responsible for any use of their library cards and all items checked out on their account. Lost or stolen library cards can be replaced with photo identification at any OPL location. A patron is allowed free replacement cards.

Non-Douglas County residents

Anyone who does not live in Douglas County and is not eligible for reciprocal privileges can purchase a non-resident membership which entitles each member of a household to library privileges for the amount of time purchased. Patrons may purchase a monthly membership for $6.25, 4 months for $25, or 12 months for $75. Non-resident borrowers must register in person at any OPL location. Each household member must be present to receive their library card. If an individual resides outside of traveling distance to OPL and wishes to purchase a non-resident membership, they may call 402-444-4874 for assistance.

Forms of Acceptable Identification

Photo identification and proof of residence are required for check-out privileges, including but not limited to the following:

  • current Nebraska state identification
  • current driver's license or automobile registration
  • printed checks (personal, payroll)
  • utility bills (OPPD, MUD, telephone -- dated within the past 30 days)
  • business correspondence on official letterhead dated within the past 30 days (envelopes will not be accepted)
  • current lease, mortgage papers, or rent receipts that officially state the property address (no handwritten receipts; must be a preprinted form which shows the bank or realty company name)
  • current OPL library card of another family member

 Library Card Renewal

OPL cards for residents are renewable every 5 years. At the time of account renewal, adult patrons must appear in person and re-verify all account information with proper documentation, as well as pay any fines and fees due or begin a payment plan. Parents can renew their child's account with the parent's documentation and payment of any fines and fees due. Once patrons reach age 18, they need to be present for account renewal. Checkout privileges are suspended if a patron owes more than $25 or has more than 10 items overdue.

 Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Every library card will have a PIN, chosen by the patron, attached to it. A PIN allows a patron to quickly and easily access information about their library account over the telephone and online. The PIN is also required to gain computer access in the library.

A PIN cannot be disclosed, changed, or added over the telephone. A PIN can only be changed in person when current identification is provided or via the OPL website. It is also the patron's responsibility to change the PIN or declare their card lost if they wish to restrict access to their account.

Library records are confidential by law in the State of Nebraska and the PIN acts as a security feature (See Omaha Public Library (OPL) Confidentiality to Library Records Policy for more details).


All OPL personnel shall be responsible for enforcing this policy.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
of the Omaha Public Library April 15, 2015
Re-approved July 18, 2019

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