Fee Schedule for License of High-Resolution Digital Images

The images in our digital collections are displayed online as low-resolution jpg images, which members of the public are welcome to use as is (giving credit to Omaha Public Library). High-resolution TIFF images can be purchased. Such purchase covers non-exclusive, one-time use unless otherwise indicated.

Dollar amounts are per image*.

Private or Personal Use (private home or office, not displayed in a public area). This includes:
  • Self-published books or albums when fewer than 50 copies are produced
  • Personal website (e.g. genealogy webpage)
  • Home movies
Educational Use (schools, universities, non-profit organizations), for a purely educational purpose such as a lecture, PowerPoint, etc.; not for publication Free
Commercial and Non-Profit Public Uses
Print Formats Commercial (for profit) Entities Non-Profit (501(c)(3)) and Government Agencies
4000 copies or less $50 (jacket/cover $100) $25 (jacket/cover $50)
4001-25,000 copies $75 (jacket/cover $250) $35 (jacket/cover $75)
Over 25,000 copies $100 (jacket/cover $350) $50 (jacket/cover $100)
Circ 10,000 or less $50 (jacket/cover $100) $25 (jacket/cover $50)
Circ 10,001-99,999 $75 (jacket/cover $250) $35 (jacket/cover $75)
Circ 100,000 or more $100 (jacket/cover $500) $50 (jacket/cover $100
Print Non-Editorial (calendars, posters, greeting cards, postcards, novelty items, wall art etc.)
1,000 copies or less $50 $25
1,001 copies or more $150 $75
Broadcast Formats
North America $50 $25
World Use $100 $50
Feature/Documentary Films
US distribution $500 $250
World distribution $1000 $500
Home Video publicly displayed (YouTube, etc.) $50 $25
Electronic Formats
Internet/Website/eBooks $100 $50
Promotional Purposes
Advertisements, print (including brochures)
Circ 99,999 and under $600 $300
Circ 100,000-499,999 $750 $375
Circ 500,000-999,999 $900 $450
Circ 1,000,000 or more $1,500 $750
Advertisements, posters $1,000 $500
Advertisements, television/cable $2,000 $1,000
Advertisements, online $1,000 $500

Note: Fees for any other uses and/or for multiple images may be subject to negotiation. Exceptions to all fees are at the discretion of the Omaha Public Library.

The OPL Digital Collections include a wide range of content.  They contain materials that are in the public domain as well as materials that may be protected by copyright.  In cases where materials are protected by third party rights, you are responsible for clearing the necessary rights in order to use the materials in question.  For example, if you want to download a photo that is still protected by copyright for use in a research paper, you must determine whether your proposed use requires consent from the copyright holder, and, if so, you must secure the permission of the copyright holder.  In some cases, you may also need to secure the consent of people who appear in photographs in our collections.

Because the Library’s collections are vast, we are not in a position to provide advice to patrons about which materials are protected by third party rights and which materials may be used freely.  The following websites have information about copyright, fair use and other related topics which may be useful:

It is your obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other use restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials from the Library's collections.  You are solely responsible for determining whether the use of any digital object requires the permission of any other person or entity, and you are responsible for paying any associated fees.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
of the Omaha Public Library, August 19, 2015

* For a price quote or for more information, please email research@omahalibrary.orgopens a new window, indicating the images you are interested in and how you plan to use them.