Demonstrators, Solicitors, and Petitioners Policy


This policy is intended to identify the time, place, and manner in which people may use the exterior areas of OPL property to exercise their First Amendment constitutional rights. 


This policy covers only the exterior areas of OPL property which includes the walkways connecting the library buildings with sidewalks adjacent to the public streets.

This policy does not apply to the public sidewalks adjacent to the public streets. Separate policies regulating the time, place, and manner of an activity may apply, as well as separate policies governing interior spaces or OPL offices, parking areas, and grassed areas.


Leafleting, political campaigning, exhibition of signs, petition signature gathering, political or charitable fund raising, and other expressive activity is permitted on the exterior areas of OPL property, including the connecting walkways, to the extent otherwise permitted by law. Such activity will not be permitted:

  • On the buildings' exterior steps and entrance way
  • In any way that obstructs or otherwise interferes with access to the buildings which typically includes an area five feet laterally from the sides of entrances and exits and ten feet in front of entrances and exits
  • Within the buildings’ vestibules
  • On handicapped accessible ramps
  • On vehicle parking surfaces
  • Outside of the hours the building is open to conduct business
  • Any place that obstructs or interferes with driveways to the buildings and their parking areas
  • Any other exterior space specifically designated by the library’s executive director on a case by case basis
  • Any activity that damages public property


OPL staff and security personnel shall have responsibility for enforcing this policy. The Omaha Police Department will be responsible for enforcement of criminal laws.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
of the Omaha Public Library April 17, 2007
Re-approved July 18, 2019

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