Volunteer: Sarah Ulsher

Sarah Ulsher, a senior at Millard North High school, was honored by Nebraska state senators and the Nebraska Library Association (NLA) as an outstanding volunteer in Lincoln as part of the NLA’s Advocacy Day. Since 2009, Ulsher has been a regular volunteer at Millard Branch, where she is the president of the Teen Advisory Board. During the summer, she is a program presenter, leading seminars such as ‘How to Write a College Essay’, ‘Impromptu Acting’, and ‘Book to Movie’ discussions. Ulsher will graduate in May, and plans to become a teacher. Cyndi Mattson was also honored at the NLA Advocacy Day. Mattson has volunteered for Millard, Swanson, and Main branches since 2011. Mattson is currently working on archiving history files. “I enjoy working with reading materials, as well as helping organize what is available so others can use the material. I always feel fulfilled whenever I help out,” Mattson said. OPL would like to thank all of our volunteers, from the youth who assist for a few hours during SRP, to the long-time retirees who’ve committed years to OPL’s service. OPL couldn’t do what it does without them.