Staff Spotlight: Kris Cram

Kris Cram, teen specialist at A.V. Sorensen Branch.

Kris Kram, teen specialist at A.V. Sorensen Branch, has worked at OPL since September 2006. Working in a library is a natural fit for Kram, as books have called to her throughout her life. As a young child, she was a voracious reader, and volunteered in libraries during high school and college.

“Books have always been an important part of my life, and I love that I’m surrounded by them every day,” Kram said.

Kram takes reading very seriously. In 2016, she read around 500 books, mostly for teens. Kram is passionate about reading and recommending books to teens. “I love seeing teens get excited about books and their favorite new series.”

Working with OPL’s teen patrons, Kram has built many positive relationships. “My favorite memory at OPL is an interaction with a teen a couple of years ago. I was in the teen room discussing school with a student. He told me his assignment was to pick three people who were important to him and had an impact on his life. I joked that he should write about me, and the boy turned to me and said, ‘I already did.’ This truly touched my heart and made me realize the impact that I could have on teens’ lives.”

Along with recommending books to teens, Kram likes to share new experiences. She hosts cooking classes for teens that have become a huge hit! “I love teaching simple recipes and exposing them to new ingredients. I always tell them that cooking is a lot like life, and they shouldn’t be afraid to make a mistake. I’ve made some pretty disgusting things in the past, but I always learn from my errors. I love that they carry the lessons they learn while cooking outside the library.”

OPL is incredibly thankful for its talented staff members who take the time to engage with the community to help to spread knowledge and skill. Thanks Kris, for leading the way with teens at A.V. Sorensen Branch!