Partner Spotlight: Millard Public Schools

Omaha Public Library (OPL) and Millard Public Schools, opens a new window (MPS) partnered last fall to provide greater internet access for MPS students. MPS students and staff can now connect to the MPS wireless network at OPL’s Millard Branch, opens a new window.

MPS approached OPL in August 2019 to explore the possibility of running a dedicated fiber line into Millard Branch that would allow MPS students and staff to access the district’s secure wireless network at the library. The network became available to MPS users in November 2019.

“Being a one-to-one district means our students can learn anytime, anywhere. But we know internet access can still be a barrier for some. Our partnership with OPL gives all of our students a path to learning beyond the classroom,” said MPS Superintendent Dr. Jim Sutfin.

All available networks at Millard Branch will be visible to anyone searching for a Wi-Fi signal, but only MPS students and staff will be able to use networks (“BeKind” for laptops or “BeKind-MPS” for iPads) that connect them directly with all of the features and resources normally available at any other MPS facility – resources that are not available through an open Wi-Fi connection. MPS students and staff will experience the benefit of connecting with needed resources in a location where they can study and take advantage of OPL’s many offerings.

“I am pleased that we were able to offer this to our patrons from MPS and look forward to potentially offering this opportunity to other area school districts,” said OPL Executive Director Laura Marlane.