Partner Spotlight: Arts for All

Toward the end of 2014, OPL and Arts for All began planning a partnership to develop a series of art education workshops for children. Because South Omaha is often recognized for its cultural richness, diversity, and immigrant populations, it was determined that children living in this area would greatly benefit from art education opportunities. “Many kids we see in the neighborhoods around South Omaha Library come from lower-income families and are considered ‘atrisk,’” said South Omaha Library branch manager Jennifer Jazynka. “Programs like this provide opportunities to area youth that wouldn’t otherwise happen. It also helps to keep kids busy and productive during some of their most vulnerable years.” Arts for All: Where Books and Art Meet is primarily geared for youth age 8-12 years old. At no cost to families, the program finds fun and innovative ways to encourage literacy and artistic expression. The art workshops being offered at South Omaha Library provide more than just a creative outlet for children; they can also help to strengthen dexterity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills in a fun environment. The program combines a safe and convenient location, an abundance of children’s literature, and a knowledgeable and dedicated library staff with experienced art teachers, access to art supplies, and a strong network of volunteers.

Arts For All is a dynamic arts education program developed to be affordable for all. They provide quality culturally enriched classes that encourage personal growth. Learn more about the organization at