May/June 2018: “Beachcombers” feat. Erin Blayney, Kimberly Glass

"Beachcombers" is an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Erin Blayney and Kimberly Glass. Both artists use an intuitive process of seeking out form and color as they work, and the spectrum between figuration and abstraction is well-traversed between them. The shared spontaneity of these artists has led to a light-filled, energetic collection of people, objects and narratives that seem to slip into new forms as they’re gazed upon. 

"Beachcombers" will be on display May 4-July 2 in the Michael Phipps Gallery, located on the first floor of the W. Dale Clark Main Library.

Artist Statements:

Erin Blayney

Instinct, intuition, and spontaneity drive my art process, taking me in directions that are neither controlled nor preconceived. Although my work is typically based off of the human form, these recent pieces remain guided by the desire to capture movement and emotive expression. I allow the initial mark-making on paper to remain exposed, which allows simplicity and rawness. Each piece has its own character, its own being. There is an abundance of energy in each line, even while living within the constraints of the paper size it's drawn on. This challenge of capturing freedom mimics nature itself, in how it adapts to the environment it finds itself in, regardless of any hindrance.

Kimberly Glass

In this group of paintings, physical conflict between bodies becomes a vehicle for imagery, and natural landscape and the geography of the face and body are starting points for images that reflect internal landscapes. Present in all of the works is the effect of light-filled space in which open structures are built with layers of multi-toned strokes. Painting techniques are spontaneously employed to create mood and meaning: varying the speed of strokes, dripping paint, selective use of texture, an unexpected and creative juxtaposing of images and color. Shaped by approaches of Cubists, Fauvists, Luminists, and Expressionists, I paint to inspire self-reflection and spiritual awareness within the viewer.