John Davis Retires from OPL

John Davis retired from his position as a school librarian with Bellevue Public Schools in 1999. He worked as school educator for 36 years—the first half as a classroom English and history teacher, and the second half as a librarian. “It was a natural fit,” Davis said, “I always loved books.” Truer words were never spoken, as after enjoying his retirement for some time, he decided to apply for a position at OPL as a library aide. “It’s funny,” he said, “I used to have aides working for me!”

Davis worked in the Collection Processing department at W. Dale Clark Main Library, which processes materials for all 12 locations in the OPL system. “I like the feel of books in my hands and seeing people every day,” Davis said. “Working at OPL made me feel like I was helping the community in a way.”

Though Davis decided to give retirement another try in December 2018, and travel plans are imminent, he likely won’t be away from the library for too long. “I live close. This is my neighborhood branch, so I will be around,” Davis said. Thank you for your service, John!