January 2018: “Variable Gain” exhibition

Each year, Omaha Creative Institute, opens a new window's Artist INC brings together 25 Omaha-area artists for eight weeks to share skills, evaluate work, and build communities of peers. To mark the completion of the most recent cycle, "Variable Gain" will look at chance as a point of departure to assess the generative qualities of experimentation, failure and self-reflection. Included works will reexamine, reformat and re-contextualize creative risks through the editing process top open space for thoughtful discussion, observation and evaluation.

Artists include:

  • Tasha Abourzek
  • Jeremy G. Bell
  • BJ Cary
  • Paul Hanson Clark
  • Christopher Vaughn Couse

  • J.R. Dawson
  • Geraldine Dobos
  • Maggie Heusinkvelt
  • Kate Humphreys
  • Emily Jordan
  • Ruby Rose Kelley
  • Sarah Kolar
  • Ashley Laverty
  • Kevin McClay
  • Dominique Morgan
  • Howard Paine
  • Sarah Parys
  • Kristae Peterson
  • Charlene Potter
  • Reagan Pufall
  • Jens Rasmussen
  • Nadia Shinkunas
  • Brian Wetjen
  • Susan Woodford
  • Hugo Zamorano