A.V. Sorensen Branch and Florence Branch Addendum

Meeting rooms /space at these facilities are for use by two entities: Omaha Public Library and Omaha Parks and Recreation Community Center.

  1. The owning entity will have priority use of all meeting rooms/space. The AV Sorensen Parks Department’s (PRPP) 2 meeting rooms/space will be available to the library (OPL) when not in use by PRPP and the Florence Branch Library meeting room will be available to PRPP when not in use by OPL.
  2. Once an entity has reserved a room, it cannot be cancelled or changed to another room without the entity’s prior acceptance.
  3. Meeting rooms/space will be available at no cost unless a cost is incurred by the owning entity. For example if a room is requested after hours the entity using the space will reimburse the other entity for staff wages and FICA.
  4. The owning entity takes and approves applications for use of meeting rooms/space by outside groups/organizations. Any fees charged are determined by the owning entity and may be dependent on the purpose of the gathering.
  5. Meeting rooms/space may not be used in a manner that allows for consumption of alcohol, flame/lighted candles or excessive noise.
  6. Set up and take down time should be included in the time requested, but cannot exceed the open hours of the facility.
  7. Meeting rooms/space must be cleaned up after use and put back in the standard configuration or as directed by owning entity staff.
  8. Rooms should be supervised by the staff using the rooms.
  9. Entities will abide by the fire code capacities as directed by the Fire Marshall.
  10. Entities will take attendance and give count to the owning facility.
  11. Entities will be responsible for damage to supplies, equipment and/or facility.
  12. It is expected that all using this space follow each entity’s code of conduct, rules and policies.

Approved by the Board of Trustees
of Omaha Public Library, June 17, 2015