Mask Mandate Policy

The OPL Board of Trustees has adopted a Mask Mandate for patrons and staff, in order to place the health and safety of our community at the forefront. This mandate operates in conjunction with the City of Omaha’s Emergency Ordinance No. 42309, and will be revoked by the Board of Trustees when the Omaha City Council withdraws the ordinance. This policy will serve as an addendum to the Library’s Code of Conduct.

Due to the nature and size of our facilities and the need for close contact between staff and patrons, everyone within the facilities are required to wear a mask at all times. Omaha Municipal Code Sec.12-43 provides the authority for this requirement.

OPL will require all people over the age of 5 on the premises to abide by the following safety practices:

  • To wear a cloth or fabric mask/face covering over the nose and mouth while within the facility.
  • To maintain social distancing guidelines of keeping at least six feet away from other patrons and staff who do not share a household with you.
  • Masks will be required of all patrons requesting one-on-one assistance from staff for reference assistance and technology help.
  • For those patrons unable or uncomfortable wearing a mask in the building, OPL will still offer Curb-side Pickup for materials and encourages use of our online digital resources.

All OPL staff will be required to wear a face covering/mask during working hours. Any staff member who requires an accommodation to this policy must discuss this with their immediate supervisor and obtain a doctor’s note.

OPL staff shall have responsibility for enforcing this policy.

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