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All OPL locations will be closed on Monday, Jan. 20, in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

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Seed Library: New Books & DVDs

Seed Library: Staff Picks

Common Soil Lecture Series

Sow it, seed it, plant it, grow it! Find the slides for the Common Soil Lecture Series here.

Omaha Picks: Gardening With Kids

Want to get your kids involved in gardening? This list is for you! Check out the books and websites for children recommended by your…

Omaha Picks: Companion Planting

There are so many benefits to companion planting: it can be space saving, soil enriching, insect repelling, disease preventing, and more!…

Omaha Picks: Garden Planning & Design

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the librarians at Omaha Public Library have put together a list of books to help you plan (or…

Garden Planning

Good gardens don't just happen - they require thought and preparation. These books can help you to plan a great garden.

Companion Planting

Which plant varieties work best together? Find out with these books about companion planting.


Fertilize naturally by learning how to compost.

Beginning Gardening

Get started with gardening with help from these books for beginners.

Garden Pests

What pests are plaguing your garden? Check out these books to identify common garden pests and learn how to keep them under control.
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