This Is Where I Leave You

This Is Where I Leave You_PB.inddJudd Foxman walked in on his own surprise on his wife’s birthday – she was cheating on him with his boss.

As if this wasn’t upsetting enough, his father passed away and he and his family have been asked to sit Shiva – a 7-day mourning ritual. The Foxmans aren’t exactly the happiest, closest-knit family and they aren’t quick to share their emotions so this weeklong event is full of tension. It’s quickly realized that Judd is not the only Foxman with issues. Tropper gives us a quirky cast, some of which have some very unlikeable qualities.

Tropper’s story weaves back and forth between the present and past so that we can get a better understanding of what each member of the Foxman family struggles with. The narrator, Judd, often takes readers into his internal dialogue with a very dry sense of humor. His thoughts and language are often lewd and full of strong language.

For those able to handle the crude language, this novel provides some real laugh-out-loud moments as it takes us through the dynamics of a unique family.

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