Snapshot Day 2016

a project of the Nebraska Library Association

On April 12, OPL participated in Nebraska Snapshot Day. The day provided an opportunity to look at all that OPL accomplishes in a single day. OPL staff at 12 locations collected usage statistics, photos and stories to share with the community and other library systems across the state.

• 8,099 library visitors
• 5,688 items borrowed
• 2,025 computer sessions
• 3,199 website visitors
• 268 songs downloaded from Freegal
• 506 people attended 21 Library programs
• 453 eBooks downloaded
• 44 e-Government help questions
• 38 job-search or employment-assistance requests
• 58 students assisted with homework

Top reasons for coming to the library:
• Check out an item
• Attend a program or meeting
• Use the Internet/Wi-Fi
• Do research
• Use a computer program or database

We asked: What does the library mean to you?
• It means having an abundance of resources to help us home school! We appreciate being able to check out all these great books!
• A great place to learn about one’s interests - and we enjoy it.
• A place to be social, to learn, a place of community.
• A wonderful place to come, it offers a wonderful array of great services for all ages.
• Everything! I am an online student and do not have internet access at home. I have managed to maintain a GPA of 4.0 and will graduate in August. Couldn’t have done it without you!
• I like the library very much because lots of books, and I’m coming to attend English program, it’s really very helpful for me.
• The library is my second “home.”
• It’s a place of learning and entertainment and good company. I think the Library is one of the most important institutions ever allowing access of knowledge to all.
• I couldn’t live without the library. It has allowed me to do my taxes, my homework, find a job, and even feed me with the seed program.
• A place where my kids can have a resource for expanding their minds with books. • A library to me means history. The smell of the books, the niceties of my neighborhood, and the sound of minds at work! The energy is beautiful here!
• I drive 3,000 miles a month so I listen to a lot of audio books - thanks to the Library I am able to do that.
• It means a good, well-equipped place where I can find any materials I need for information, knowledge building, leisure and just to learn, learn, learn!!!
• It is somewhere where I can go to get away from the outside world by putting my nose in a book.
• The Library is central to my life - I have found wonderful art, literature, and people here!

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