September/October 2018 Exhibition feat. Holly Kranker and Jeff Sedrel

Work from artists Holly Kranker and Jeff Sedrel will make up the September/October exhibition in the Michael Phipps Gallery, opens a new window, from September 7-October 29. There will be an opening reception, opens a new window for the exhibition on Friday, September 7, from 4-6 p.m. 

Artist Statements:

Holly Kranker

My current work examines the efforts and desires to suspend moments in time through representation, where details are slightly askew and become distorted. The essence of memory is transposed/transformed into realized, tangible objects, which then exist in redefined perimeters of time, space, and adjacent environment. This context forces a shift for the object to become new, with a new vernacular, a new identity—extracted from reality. The work lives hovering between experience, contemplation, exploration, and memory. There is no clear narrative or sequence of events; similar to the onset of memory, which greets us in fragmented form; flickering images triggered by real time events. It is here where we find ourselves discerning between past and present.

Jeff Sedrel

I've always been fascinated with spirituality and the role it plays in daily life. Pervasive in every culture as a driving force, the confluence of art and spirituality are what I've come to believe makes civilization most human. I view the creation of art as a pathway to recognizing the spirit. This notion led to interests and investigation into symbolism, primitivism, and mysticism, to further explore the role art has historically played in our lives. I have a specific interest in attempting to simplify that which is not simple.

Drawing is the central focus of my work. It is completed by channeling traditional ink and brush practice through expressionist and pop art sensibilities to create a visual narrative influenced by popular culture, nature, and urban environments. The work is often meditative while maintaining improvisational aspects. Within the work there are few references to an exterior world, and instead I intend to provide an immediate connection to the inner feelings of the soul. Harmony and balance are continuing themes which arise through the use of line, form, and color.

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