Read It & Eat Culinary Conference 2013

Omaha foodies united for a day of food demos and sampling! The focus this year was condiments, from sauces to spices.

The event featured a greeting from Lois Friedman, a honey and cheese tasting and pairing with Marina Marchese of Red Bee ® Honey, pickle samples from Colin and Jessica Duggan of Omaha's Kitchen Table, a sampling of Mediterranean food from Patty Trebbien of Midtown's Chef^2 Oils, Vinegars & More, a vegan pumpkin pie ice cream demo by Isa Chandra Moskowitz of Post Punk Kitchen, infusions with bartenders Binoy Fernandez of I.O. Speak & Clark Ross of BoilerRoom, and crepes from Rachel Mulder of Jane’s Health Market.

More photos here!