November/December 2018 Exhibition feat. Peter Fankhauser & Roberta Leaverton

Work from artists Peter Fankhauser and Roberta Leaverton will make up the November/December exhibition in the Michael Phipps Gallery, opens a new window, from November 2-December 31. There will be an opening reception, opens a new window for the exhibition on Friday, November 2, from 4-6 p.m. 

Artist Statements:

Peter Fankhauser

TV brought me up--music on television, film on television, television on the Internet. That appetite to watch and listen leaves me wondering whether content is explicitly linked to the mode of representation as the distinctions that characterize individual media become more porous and permeable. Do time and distance that separate us from the historical context of the story's original telling make it less true? Do historical fictions become more real with each new iteration? And how has new media created a space for the continuation of unsettled oral histories and shifting contemporary mythologies?

Roberta Leaverton

Less than six weeks after my Dad's death in the winter of 2002, I was activated with the 530th Military Police Battalion from Omaha, Nebraska, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. I had less than 48 hours to report to a unit I was not familiar with, gear packed and ready to deploy to a very unstable country, Iraq. My husband was already in route to Bosnia leaving the very day I got my call.

While still in the States, I started a journal, which continued most of my deployment. I wanted to preserve as much as possible; I felt I was making history. My journal along with my camera became the closest thing to my soul. When going out on missions, I would leave a magazine of ammo back in my quarters just to slip my camera in my ammo pouch. My camera soon became as much as a part of daily wear as my dog tags.

My journal and photographs made in Iraq were the point of departure for my series, "Tour of Duty: Iraq." In these miniature, 1/35th scale models I have created and photographed my year of boots on the ground. The images are a symbolic representation of what occurred during this time in my life. The process of creating this work has truly served as therapy for me, a combat veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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