“Science Future” Exhibit in the Michael Phipps Gallery

Science Future is a multimedia exhibition featuring the scientific and futuristic impulses of Travis Apel, Launa Bacon, and Regan Pufall. For Apel, naturalistic forms are complicated with extraterrestrial references; while Pufall reworks insects into otherworldly scapes; and Bacon bombards the viewer with a sensory overload of dystopic and utopic ideas. Together, their work mines imagery from…
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Willa Cather Storytime Friends

“I love Omaha now, but I hated it at first,” says mother of two, Adrianne Heithoff (above, red shirt), who is a member of the Willa Cather Storytime Friends. As an Omaha transplant, Adrianne didn’t know very many people, and was facing the daunting task of first-time motherhood alone. Patricia Leahy-Warren writes in Scientific American that: Entering motherhood is…
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Why Arts Belong at the Library

There often exists a dichotomy wherein Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or STEM education is pitted against the liberal arts. Debates are waged over whether college tuition in STEM fields ought to be subsidized, and even the President has called the usefulness of an art history degree to question. For students attending the King Science & Technology Magnet middle school in…
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