2020 Virginia Frank Writing Contest Winners

Friends of the Omaha Public Library honored the following 12 students in grades 5-8 for writing one of the top three entries for their grade levels the 2020 Virginia Frank Memorial Writing Contest. This year, 369 total submissions were submitted to the annual contest, making these students' wins all the more noteworthy!

5th Grade

  1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Continued by Harper Keber, West Bay Elementary School
  2. Charlotte's Adventures Before Wilbur by Hudson Fowler, Trinity Classical Academy
  3. The Girls' Narnia Adventure by Nora Wessel, Gifford Park Elementary

6th Grade

  1. Medusa by Jenna Pospisil, Beveridge Magnet Middle School
  2. Consequences by Blake Kurzenberger, Hillside Elementary School
  3. Emily's Ring by Sophie Quarles, Peter Kiewit Middle School

7th Grade

  1. Here Again by Faith Johnson, George Russell Middle School
  2. Ripple and the Scavengers by Jacob Strufing, Elkhorn Valley View Middle School
  3. If the Sea With Met the Mistress of Darkness by Lynley Janovich, George Beadle Middle School

8th Grade

  1. Why is Today Different? by Josephine McPhaull, Andersen Middle School
  2. Lucy? by Emma Rhode, Millard North Middle School
  3. The Wound That Would Never Heal by Ingrid Florea, George Russell Middle School
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