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Diversion Program

Diversion Volunteer Program Procedure

The Omaha Public Library offers many opportunities for fulfilling your diversion service commitment. Every attempt will be made to place you at the branch of your choice with a schedule of your choosing. However the needs of the library are the primary consideration and we cannot guarantee you will be placed or that you will be placed at your desired location.

Diversion Application

Print-out of this information sheet

Criteria for Acceptance
To qualify for the diversion volunteer program at the Omaha Public Library, your offense must be a misdemeanor and be of a non-violent nature and you must be 16 years or older. The Volunteer Office may refuse acceptance for any reason.

You must personally complete the library application. If you are younger than 19 years old, you shall obtain a parent/guardian signature to volunteer.

Time Cards
It is your responsibility to record your hours each time you volunteer. We ask that you sign in and out on the library’s volunteer time card.

Work Schedule
You will be scheduled at one location for a maximum of two (2) hours each week. You may be allowed more hours at the discretion of Library staff.

Attendance Requirements
You shall be punctual and adhere to the agreed-upon schedule. When sick or unable to work, you must notify your Volunteer Supervisor as soon as possible and before your scheduled start time.

Training & Supervision
You will attend an orientation session and receive on-the-job training for your specific assignment from the library staff. Volunteers are supervised at all times by library staff. Your Volunteer Supervisor is responsible for day-to-day work assignment and scheduling changes.

Grounds for Removal from Program
Any one or a combination of the following is grounds for dismissal from the Library diversion volunteer program.

   1. Not showing up to volunteer as scheduled
   2. Tardiness
   3. Unexcused absences
   4. Not performing work at an appropriate standard
   5. Negative attitude, offensive language, inappropriate dress or misconduct
   6. Violation of any library or City policy.

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